About the project

Organization and coordination

The project was coordinated by Alenka Adamič, daughter of Bojan Adamič, in cooperation with:


  • Vita Mavrič, Cafe theater

  • Andrej Stražišar, Cafe theater

Concert by RTV Slovenia

  • Hugo Šekoranja, Big Band RTV Slovenia

  • Žarko Prinčič, conducter

Concert in Ribnica, Adamič birth place

  • Alenka Pahulje, Public fund for cultural activities of the Republic of Slovenia, Ribnica

  • mag. Marina Gradišnik, Ribnica museum

Conservatory for music and ballet Ljubljana music school concerts

  • Jože Kregar, Conservatory for music and ballet Ljubljana

Digitalisation of documentary films by Bojan Adamič

  • Janez Meglič, Studio MEG

Exhibition of notation publications, audio recordings and documents of Bojan Adamič

  • mag. Domen Prezelj, National and University Library, Ljubljana

Exhibition of photographic masterpieces on carnival masks

  • Stanka Gačnik, Ptuj Regional Museum

Film music

  • Metka Dariš, Slovene cinematheque

  • Jurij Meden, Slovene cinematheque

Mountain song

  • Lučka Kovačič, Turistično društvo Šmarna Gora – Tacen

Music for brass

  • Tone Urbas, The Association of Slovenian Brass Bands, President

  • Ervin Hartman, The Association of Slovenian Brass Bands, President of honor

  • Daniel Leskovic, Public fund for cultural activities of the Republic of Slovenia

New notation publications with music by Bojan Adamič

  • Klemen Weiss, Society of Slovene Composers

  • Ervin Hartman, Publisher Hartman d.o.o.

  • Mojca Menart and Ivo Umek, Založba kaset in plošč RTV Slovenija in cooperation with Meri Avsenak

Puppet – marionette show

  • Nataša Vižintin, Ljubljana Puppet Theatre

Republic of Slovenia Public Fund for Cultural Activities

  • Daniel Leskovic, Ljubljana

  • Alenka Pahulje, OI Ribnica

  • Matic Varl, OI Maribor

Slovene music days

  • Veronika Brvar, Festival Ljubljana


  • dr. Darja Koter, Music Academy, Ljubljana

Founding of the project

In 2008, the family of Bojan Adamič made a draft of a project entitled “The year 2012 under the brand of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Bojan Adamič” with the purpose that a symposium and several musical and photographic events related to the work of Bojan Adamič would take place in the year 2012.

They considered a variety of activities throughout Slovenia and beyond to mark his creative and quality art work. He was creative in diverse fields of culture, from music (various types, pop-songs in dialects, Slovenian pop song, chanson, film, choral music, songs for children, piano concerts, musical, marionette shows, theatre plays, etc) to photography.

In 2009 they presented the project at the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia to the minister Mrs. Majda Širca, and invited numerous institutions, societies and individuals to participate in this project.

The project has its own logotype, designed by Aleš Žitnik of Kranj.

For the help received in the realization of the project the family of Bojan Adamič extends their cordial thanks to all involved.

The family ows warm thanks to their friend Branka Klemenc for her adaptation of the web page in English.

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