Bojan Adamič

Pianist, composer, conductor, photographer, lover of fast cars, and much, much more …

Life and work of Bojan Adamič


To write about Bojan Adamič, to condense his rich, long-lasting and exceptionally creative life into an interesting story poses a unique creative challenge to a writer.

Biography of Bojan Adamič


The life and music oeuvre of Bojan Adamič was very extensive. He was creative in various music genres, he was a conductor to numerous orchestras at home and abroad and judge on different festivals.

Music by Bojan Adamič


Visit the photogallery in which a number of moments in the life of Bojan Adamič are presented.


The project on Adamič’s 100th anniversary

In 2012, a hundred years have passed since the birth of Bojan Adamič – a pianist, composer, arranger, conductor, photographer. He was active in many diverse fields not only in Slovenia but also in the then home-country Yugoslavia as well as abroad. In his music the Slovenian melos can be traced, which he himself often proudly pointed out. His heritage is extraordinary diverse and rich, therefore a variety of concerts and events have been organised in 2012, at which his works have been performed again.