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“Salve Maestro Adamič”, said Muppet Žogica Marogica at the end of the show

24. 1. 2012

Gala performance Žogica Marogica was on 17 January 2012 in Lutkovno gledalisce Ljubljana (LGL) dedicated to composer Bojan Adamič.
Children and adults enjoyed the show, they all helped grandmother and grandfather to blow away the dragon Tolovaj and saved Žogica Marogica. They have been doing this since the premiere of the show on 31 March 1951.

At the beginning of the performance the director of Lutkovno gledališče, Mr. Uroš Korenčan, greeted all invited:

“Dear children, dear visitors,
today’s performance Žogica Marogica will be dedicated to 100. anniversary of the birth of Bojan Adamič, author of music for this puppet show, as he was one of the greatest post-war Slovene musical creators.
This performance is the first event of the Adamič Project, which will be on-going through the whole 2012. Project initiator is his family and today we greet warmly his granddaughter Nina Makuc and his grand-grand daughter Nia La Makuc Peljhan.
We wish you pleasant viewing of this Muppet show and in the name of the family, we invite you later for a small banquet, prepared by family Adamič.”