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110th anniversary of the birth of Bojan Adamič (9/8/1912 Ribnica – 3/11/1995 Ljubljana)

8. 8. 2022

In the memory of her father, his daughter Alenka Adamič prepared a short video about family life, along with some of his photographic motifs and his music.

Kindly invited to listen.

The story of an abandoned piano from Studio 01 of Radio Slovenia

17. 6. 2022

The presentation of the abandoned and in 2022 renovated concert piano Bösendorfer happened on May 31st 2022 in Studio 26 of Radio Slovenia in Ljubljana. The live broadcast took place on the ARS program. The co-creators of the event were: director and screenwriter Klemen Markovčič, pianist Klemen Golner, playwright Željko Hrs and hosts Eva Longyka Marušič and Igor Velše.

In 2020 the musicologist and music editor Tina Ogrin, responsible for the management of the Third Program of Radio Slovenia – Ars, and people of the management of Radio Slovenia, decided to renovate the Bösendorfer concert piano, which was kept in from Studio 01 and thus provide it with better quality and wider useful value. So by 2022, the piano is no longer considered as an object, but as a subject with its own history and story.

The Bösendorfer piano was brought from the Hribar family’s apartment in Ljubljana to Radio Slovenia in 1947. Various, even malicious, stories are spread about the takeover from the Hribar family’s house, related to the name of Bojan Adamič, who was at the time employed by Radio Slovenia. It is very possible that he came for the piano at the request of the Radio. He offered the Hribar family a very low redemption amount of money, which he probably did not give out of his own pocket, but was determined and given to him on the Radio. If all this is true, then the meaning of the amount, which was low and is the subject of contempt, also has a completely different connotation. It was therefore not determined by Bojan Adamič. Considering that hundreds of pianos were confiscated at that time, maybe he was the one who managed to get something from the Radio …

The following description of the research about the origin of the piano is a summary of ARS program web article Zgodba nekega zapuščenega klavirja.

The story of the restoration began in 2011, when the composer Gregor Strniša was invited to create music for a radio play. In the corner of the studio 01 of Radio Slovenia, he saw an abandoned and lonely concert piano and decided to create music on it.

The collaboration with the play ended prematurely, but Strniša was left with the already created music and with the idea to explore the history of this concert piano. This later led him to the archives of the Bösendorfer piano factory in Vienna, where he came across information in archival books that the first owner of the piano was Rado Hribar. After this discovery, he got in touch with his nephew Peter Hribar Jr., to whom he revealed the background of the piano as the central informant in this research.

The Bösendorfer piano

The Bösendorfer piano

Mirko Štular (Photo: RTV Slovenija)
Urednica Programa Ars Ingrid Kovač Brus

Program Ars editor Ingrid Kovač Brus (Photo: RTV Slovenija)
Ivan Hribar ml., nečak Rada Hribarja

Ivan Hribar Jr., Rado Hribar’s nephew (Photo: RTV Slovenija)

Group photo (Photo: RTV Slovenija)
Alenka Adamič in klavir Bösendorfer

Alenka Adamič with the Bösendorfer piano

“Let’s tell old Albanian-Slovenian stories”

10. 6. 2022

The event Let’s tell old Albanian-Slovenian stories took place on May 30th, 2022 at the City Hotel in Ljubljana and was dedicated to the 30th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Slovenia and Albania.

An interesting evening was prepared by the Ambassador of Albania to Slovenia, H. E. Pëllumb Qazimi.

Ten different stories, connecting our two countries were presented, including the story of Bojan Adamič, who lived and worked in Albania in 1947. This one was introduced by his daughter Alenka Adamič.

Alenka Adamič

The description of the event was summarized on the FB page of the Albanian Embassy on June 6th, 2022, as follows:

The meeting was attended by a large number of accredited ambassadors and diplomats in Slovenia, politicians, representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Slovenia, the Deputy Mayor of Ljubljana, and the former Mayor of Bled. Cultural figures, journalists, friends of Slovenes and representatives of Albanian associations in Slovenia were present, too.

The event began with two songs, one Albanian and one Slovenian, and was greeted by former Foreign Minister of Albania, Mrs. Ilir Bočka (online) and former Foreign Minister of Slovenia, Mr. Dimitrij Rupel. They both have signed a bilateral agreement on diplomatic cooperation on March 10th, 1992.

At this meeting, ten events were presented, which described the connections between the people of Slovenia and Albania and covered a period of six centuries. The speakers were acquaintances or heirs of the authors of these events.

They described the first Slovene and Albanian editions of Primož Trubar in 1550 and John Buzuku with his Mešar in 1555, contributions of Slovene albanologists, history of old Albanian noble families, history from the First World War and after the Second World War till today.

The presented events attracted the attention of the participants and aroused their interest, as they have so far been very little obvious and known or have even been undiscovered.

Alenka Adamič with Albanian ambassador in Slovenia H.E. Pëllumb Qazimi

Alenka Adamič with Albanian ambassador in Slovenia H.E. Pëllumb Qazimi

Dimitrij Rupel

International Symposium on Bojan Adamič, May 4th 2022 in Tirana

24. 5. 2022

On May 4th, 2022, an international symposium on Bojan Adamič was held in Tirana, Albania.

The international event, which marked the celebration of 30 years of diplomatic relations between Slovenia and Albania, took place in the hall of the important Albanian historian Aleks Buda in the premises of the Albanian Academy of Sciences in Tirana. The ceremony began with the anthem of Albania and the anthem of Slovenia.
During the day, in addition to the description of Adamič’s musical creation, a lot of new and interesting information was heard about his work in 1947, which he spent in Albania. The first part of his report from that year was found in Belgrade in early May 2022.

The symposium was enriched by an exhibition of Adamič’s documents and photographs and by piano performance by renowned Albanian pianist Merita Rexha, who performed Adamič’s Ljubljana Concert.

Well-known academics and researchers from Albania, Slovenia and Kosovo took part in the international symposium and the celebration of 30 years of cooperation between the two countries on the diplomatic level. The symposium was organized on May 4th, 2022, exactly 75 years after Adamič was sent to Albania, probably as a punishment of the former Yugoslav system for his jazz-related activities.

We were pleased that the seminar brought together academics, composers and amateurs music from both countries, Slovenia and Albania.

The descriptions of speeches and reflections below are summarized and translated by the Albanian Academy of Sciences on May 5th 2022.

Introductory remarks by Academician Skënder Gjinushi, President of the Albanian Academy of Sciences.

Academician Skënder Gjinushi spoke about the excellent tradition of Albanian studies that existed in Slovenia even before the establishment of national academic institutions and expressed gratitude to renowned linguists Jernej Kopitar, Franc Miklošič and Rajko Nahtigal. On the occasion of this year’s 50th anniversary of the Spelling Congress, Academician Gjinushi highlighted the role of linguist Rajko Nahtigal, who also contributed to the process of unifying the Albanian alphabet, including preparing a monastery congress, participating in the Skodra Literary Commission, collaborating with Ndra Mjeda and other intelectuals.

Speaking about the tradition of grammatical and bilingual dictionaries, studies in comparative anthropology and translation, Academician Ginushi said that the presence of Slovenian intellectuals and artists as contributors to the mental and cultural life of Albania deserve equal honor and gratitude.

Among them is the composer Bojan Adamič, who as a composer and director dedicated part of his life to the development of cultural life in Albania in the period immediately after the victory of the anti-fascist war. So both nations are already united by the same aspiration: integration and coexistence in the United Europe as its equal citizens.

Skënder Gjinushi

Academician Skënder Gjinushi

On behalf of the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in Tirana, the participants were greeted by Ambassador H.E. Mr. Peter Japelj, who said that over 30 years diplomatic relations between Albania and Slovenia have always been strengthened through cooperation in all areas. Peter Japel especially congratulated Academician Vasil S. Tole for organizing today’s event and for the joint continuous cooperation.

H.E. Mr. Peter Japelj

H.E. Mr. Peter Japelj

Mrs. Megi Fino, Deputy Minister at The Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, thanked the two academies of science and the Slovenian Embassy in Tirana, saying such organizations were primarily human relations that began soon after the second part of Ufta, where Adamič dreamed of reviving the music. Among other things, Ms. Megi Fino recalled Adamič’s contribution to Radio Tirana and her collaboration with composer Dhora Leko, and thanked the two academies of science (Albania-Slovenia) for their contribution to Europe.

Megi Fino

Mrs. Megi Fino

Academician Peter Štih, Head of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts, sent a letter of congratulations in which he expressed gratitude to the Albanian Academy of Sciences for celebrating this important anniversary of laying the foundations of an institutional agreement for mutual scientific cooperation. He expressed his satisfaction that the Albanian Academy of Sciences, in cooperation with the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in Tirana and the Academy of Music in Ljubljana, celebrated the 30th anniversary of diplomatic contacts between the two countries with a special event dedicated to popular Slovenian musician Bojan Adamič. Letter was ready by Mrs. Edita Dedia Pogace from the Albanian Academy of Sciences.

Edita Dedia Pogace

Mrs. Edita Dedia Pogace

Darja Koter, PhD, Academy of Music in Slovenia spoke about the influence of master Bojan Adamič on Slovenian, Yugoslav and Albanian culture. She recalled, among other things, how he was accused by American propaganda of playing jazz and sent to Albania as a criminal. Master Bojan Adamič, as a pianist, contributed to their music in Albania and also participated in activities that took place in connection with artists from both countries.

Darja Koter, PhD

Darja Koter, PhD

Academician Vasil S. Tole, Vice President of the Albanian Academy of Sciences, spoke about master Bojan Adamič and his contribution to Albanian musical life after the Second World War. He said that in the years 1947-1948, master Bojan Adamič worked in Albania. These were years of reviving Albanian music in the institutional plan; in 1946 the Jordan Mission Artistic Lyceum was formed, and the Military Choir and Orchestra of Radio Tirana were formed. As for the creators, there were some of the most active names: among them Dhora Leka, a former composer of partisan compositions, Kristo Konon, Peter Dungun, Abdullah Grimcim, Constantin Trakon and Prenk Jakov.

Academician Vasil S. Tole presented the profile of Bojan Adamič as a pianist, arranger and composer during the memorial. After presenting the works and musical contributions of master Bojan Adamič in Albania, academician Vasil S. Tole said he knew Dhoro Lek personally, whose works were also arranged by Bojan Adamič and who lived and worked in Tirana until the liberation after 1948. He expressed his belief that the activity of master Bojan Adamič in Albania, although short, would open a new window in Albanian music studies, especially in cultural relations between the two countries.

Vasil Tole

Academician Vasil Tole

Mr. Pleurat Himaduma from Kosovo spoke about the contribution of master Bojan Adamič in Kosovo, where he influenced entire generations of artists, not only with his art, but also in the field of relations, respect for colleagues, assistance to Kosovo. Master Bojan Adamič was a kind of guardian angel of young Kosovo artists, as well as others. He recalled Adamic’s valuable contributions to Kosovo’s Albanian culture, such as the first soundtrack of an Albanian feature film, How to Die in 1972, etc. His contribution also extended to helping organize major music events in Kosovo.

Pleurat Himaduma

Mr. Pleurat Himaduma

The well-known pianist Mrs. Merita Rexha, University of Music Arts, performed the musical work of Bojan Adamič with pianistic creativity, which was enthusiastically applauded by the participants.

Merita Rexha

Mrs. Merita Rexha

At the end, Mrs. Alenka Adamič, daughter of the composer Bojan Adamič, thanked the head of both academies for organizing the event and spoke about the memories and emotions experienced in different periods of the master Bojan Adamič. She presented family travels and life with her father, as well as memories related to Albania. Here he was attracted by many original folk elements, costumes and Albanian music. He was attracted to dances that were so noble and exciting for him.

Alenka Adamič

Mrs. Alenka Adamič

The family of Bojan Adamič is very grateful to the Slovenian Ambassador in Tirana, H.E. Mr. Peter Japelj for the idea and realization of an important symposium related to the time Bojan Adamič spent in Albania. Their thanks goes also to all the co-organizers for this unforgettable event.

The international event was also followed via a zoom link. The clip is available here.

  • 3:55 – Academic Skënder Gjinushi

  • 11:00 – H.E. Mr. Peter Japelj

  • 16:17 – Mrs. Megi Fino

  • 20:38 – Mrs. Edita Dedia Pogace reading the letter by Academic Petra Štiha

  • 23:00 – Darja Koter, PhD

  • 47:10 – Academic Vasil Tole

  • 1:05:00 – Mr. Pleurat Himaduna

  • 1:13:20 – Mrs. Merita Rexha playing Adamič Ljubljana Concert

  • 1:22:00 – Mrs. Alenka Adamič

  • 1:39:17 – Short film about Bojan Adamič with his music

Information about the event with part of Adamič’s daughter’s speech was in the evening news of the Albanian national television and Albanian Radio and Television as well as in an article in an Albanian newspaper and Slovenian daily magazine Dnevnik.

Albanian Academy of Sciences in Tirana

Albanian Academy of Sciences in Tirana

Peter Japelj

Peter Japelj

Merita Rexha

Merita Rexha

Vasil Tole, A. Adamič, Gregor Makuc
Vasil Tole and Alenka Adamič

Vasil Tole and Alenka Adamič
Vasil Tole, Alenka Adamič, Peter Japelj, Skender Gjinushi

Vasil Tole, Alenka Adamič, Peter Japelj, Skender Gjinushi
Alenka Adamič

Alenka Adamič
Peter Japelj, Alenka Adamič, Gregor Makuc

Peter Japelj, Alenka Adamič, Gregor Makuc
Alenka Adamič, interview

Alenka Adamič, interview

On May 4, 2022, an international event will take place in Tirana, highlighting the time that Bojan Adamič has spent in Albania in 1947 and 1948

1. 5. 2022

The Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia and the Academy of Sciences of Albania, in cooperation with the Academy of Music, University of Ljubljana and the Adamič family, are delighted to organise an event, dedicated to the prominent Slovenian composer Bojan Adamič. It will be dedicated to his rich life and prolific work, among which he spent a short but fruitful period in Tirana between 1947 and 1948.

The international event will be organized in the framework of the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Slovenia and Albania. At the same time Adamič family will be celebrating the 110th anniversary of the birth of Bojan Adamič.

Bojan Adamič arrived in Albania on May 4, 1947, exactly 75 years ago. Therefore the professional part of the meeting will be dedicated to the research of his life and musical work in this country. This international view of his work in Albania will be extremely important for understanding his life integrity of music work, which has been complete unknown so far.

Between 1947 and 1948, Bojan Adamič collaborated with the Tirana Radio Orchestra, which he also conducted. He was enthusiastic about Albanian folklore and therefore arranged their national melodies. His work included also interviews with the director of Radio Tirana, work on a plan to reform their entire musical lives, reviewing the archives, listening to records, listening to the voices for the new choir. He often went to Durres for theater performances for workers who were building a railway line (Youth Line) between Durres and Tirana.

In addition, he has given numerous piano concerts in cities throughout Albania.

On May 4, 2022, from Slovenia prof. dr. Darja Koter from the Academy of Music and Alenka Adamič, daughter of Bojan Adamič will be present, together with Gregor Makuc, grandson of Bojan Adamič. An introductory greeting will also be sent by Akad. Peter Štih, President of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts, who will not be present in person.

The event will be enriched by an exhibition of musical works by Bojan Adamič, his documents and photographs and will be followed by a musical performance by Albanian pianist Merita Rexha. Adamič’s. She will play solo Adamič Ljubljana Concert for piano.

Meeting can be followed via the Zoom link.

Bojan Adamič’s family sincerely thanks the Ambassador of Slovenia in Tirana, H. E. Mr. Petar Japelj for his proposal that the 30th anniversary of diplomatic contacts between Slovenia and Albania be marked with an international cultural event that would describe Bojan Adamič’s music activities in Albania.

Piano performance by Bojan Adamič in Tirana

Piano performance by Bojan Adamič in Tirana

Undertojmë të (Dhora Leka, Bojan Adamič). Tirana, August 3, 1947

Undertojmë të (Dhora Leka, Bojan Adamič). Tirana, August 3, 1947

Undertojmë të (Dhora Leka, Bojan Adamič). Tirana, August 3, 1947

Undertojmë të (Dhora Leka, Bojan Adamič). Tirana, August 3, 1947

Summary of December activities within the project on Bojan Adamič 100th anniversary and wider

17. 1. 2013

Interview with Bojan Adamič about musical Sneguljčica (Snow White)

An interesting interview with the composer about the preparation for the first musical in Slovenia – Sneguljčica has been uploaded to the website. It includes short videos, dating from 1993 in Križanke, Ljubljana

Exhibition “Broom for the master”, Library Šiška

The exhibition Broom for the master took place in Library Šiška during December. In autumn and winter 2012, this exhibition has already been at different libraries around Ljubljana.

The recording of the March concert was on TV Slovenia, 9. 12. 2012

On TV Slovenia, there was, for the second time, the recording of the concert from March 12, 2012, dedicated to Adamič.

Concert “Waiting for Christmas” on Sveta Ana in Slovenske gorice, 15. 12. 2012

The concert on 15. 12. 2012 was dedicated to 100. anniversary of Bojan Adamič and was an extraordinary homage to Adamič life and work.

Concert by Brass orchestra Idrija, the oldest brass wind band in Europe (348 years) in Idrija, 15. and 16. 12. 2012

The New year concert was dedicated also to Bojan Adamič. They played some of his film music and brass compositions as well as sang a few Adamič song hits.

Festive concert at 110 years of Slovene railways brass orchestra, 18. 12. 2012 in Ljubljana

Brass orchestra dedicated on their New Year Festive concert many compositions to Adamič for his 100th anniversary: Tra-ta-ta, Galop za tri tobente, III. stavek Suite za klarinet, Neresen valček, Polka and Rezervistova uspavanka iz Suite za pihalni orkester and Cik-cak za ksilofon

New Year Concert by Brass orchestra Vodice, 21. 12. 2012

Brass orchestra dedicated their last composition Tra ta ta to Adamič 100 anniversary.

New Year Concert by Brass orchestra Lesce, 26. 12. 2012

Brass Orchestra dedicated Adamič composition Tra ta ta to his 100 anniversary. His daughter Alenka Adamič gave over to the orchestra president the acknowledgement of the Slovenian Brass Association.

Christmas – New Year concert by Brass orchestra Koper, 26. 12. 2012 in Koper

Brass orchestra Koper included in their very nice program also two Adamič compositions, which the dedicated to his 100. anniversary.

Concert “With Adamič music to 2013” by Brass orchestra Ormož, 28. 12. 2012

In the Sport Hall Hardek, Ormož there was a very nice concert, dedicated to Adamič 100 anniversary on 28. 12. 2012.

Presentation of the new CD with Bojan Adamič music

Založba kaset in plošč RTV Slovenija (Publisher for cassettes and plates RTV Slovenia) has published the CD, titled Mojster za vse čase (Master for all times) with 22 Adamič compositions. The presentation of the new CD was on Radio Slovenia 1 on December 30, 2012.

Project information has been announced

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Summary of November activities within the project on Bojan Adamič 100th anniversary and wider

13. 12. 2012

Homage for Alojz Zupan, Slovene philharmonie, 9. 11. 2012

Brass band Ljubljana veterans organized the concert, dedicated to Alojz Zupan, where they also played new composition by Tomaž Grintal Master Bojan.

Concert by women chorus Nonet Vitra, Ribnica, 17. 11. 2012

In Primary school Ribnica women chorus Nonet Vitra carried out a very nice music evening, with which they marked 120. anniversary of Marij Kogoj, 110. anniversary of Makso Pirnik and 100. anniversary of Bojan Adamič.

Exhibition “Broom for the master”, Library Črnuče

The exhibition Broom for the master was in Library Črnuče in November. During autumn 2012, the exibition has already been at different libraries around Ljubljana.

Project information has been announced

Events from Maribor were announced in newspaper Večer, 14. 11. 2012 – Poklicno in ljubiteljsko – odlično, Pihalni orkestri so se poklonili Bojan Adamiču.

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Summary of October activities within the project on Bojan Adamič 100th anniversary and wider

26. 11. 2012

The concert by students from Elementary music school of KGB Ljubljana (Conservatory for music and ballet Ljubljana) on October 1, 2012 on Ljubljana castle

Concert was organized by Ministry of education, science, culture and sport of Slovenia to celebrate Adamič 100 anniversary. Invited were members of the working group for mats, science and technologies within European commission.

Musical evening in Ribnica on October 22, 2012

Municipality Ribnica organized an extraordinary pleasant evening on October 22, 2012. After the awarding of the municipal rewards, the program was dedicated to Adamič, born in Ribnica in 1912.

Adamič days in Maribor between October 26 and 28, 2012

Adamič days in Maribor comprised numerous events, concerts and a symposium.

On Friday, October 26, 2012 the festive meeting of representatives of organizational committee was in The Old Vine House, attended also with the majority of members of the international CISM Silver Club.

On Saturday, October 27, 2012:

  • The international scientific symposium about Adamič life and work took place at the University library Maribor.

  • There were two openings of the exhibitions: The exhibition Broom for master, which introduced Adamič work and life and The sound of mask, which included Adamič photographs of Shrovetide masks.

  • In the evening the festive concert of Orchestra of Slovene police and Orchestra of Slovene army took place under excellent conductor Milivoj Šurbek.

On Sunday, October 28, 2012 Brass day took place in the frame of Adamič concert day. Five brass orchestras played Adamič music.

Adamič days ended on Sunday, October 28, 2012 with festive session of The Association of Slovenian brass bands. They introduced luxurious issuing of Adamič Requiem (music for brass orchestra and vocal) and Festive book for 40 years of the Association and concluded the evening with granting memorial documents for all brass orchestras, taking part within the Adamič spring project. With this session Adamic year within brass music symbolically ended.

New notation publications and CDs

Project information has been announced

Invitations to Maribor events were announced in the following media:

Symposium was announced in the following media:

Events were announced in the following media:

Municipality day in Ribnica was reported in the magazine Rešeto and on portal ŠILC.

There were two additions to the project

  • The digitalization of documentary films by Bojan Adamič, which he has been filming while traveling worldwide as well as on many festivals. Project collaboration for this part of the project started with Studio MEG.

  • Posting of numerous reflections by Bojan Adamič himself. Within the project many Adamič observations, letters, reflections have been made public (in Slovene and Serbo-Croatian language) and they represent priceless part of his heritage.

You are kindly invited to our Facebook page, where photos from events are being posted.

Summary of September activities within the project on Bojan Adamič 100th anniversary

4. 10. 2012

The Bojan Adamič film retrospective and the exhibition in Slovenska Kinoteka finished

The retrospective with all together 44 films, for which Adamič wrote music, together with interesting exhibition of Bojan Adamič as a film music composer, ended on September 28, 2012.

OrkesterkamP symphony concert in Bovec on September 1, 2012

OrkesterkamP symphony, conducted by M. Brežnik played Adamič composition Čez tri gore within the final evening of the international music festival in Bovec.

“Metla za mojstra” exhibition in Mestna knjižnica Ljubljana from September 5 till October 3, 2012

Mestna knjižnica Ljubljana (Ljubljana city Library Glinškova ploščad) is hosting the exhibition on Adamič work and life, entitled Metla za mojstra.

6th Festival of veteran brass orchestras in Maribor on September 28, 2012

KD Godba ljubljanskih veteranov (Veteran brass orchestra Ljubljana) played Adamič composition Prelepa si bela Ljubljana, followed by music piece dedicated to Adamič, the author of which is Tomaž Grital and the title Mojster Bojan – venček skladb Bojana Adamiča.

The catalog of films for educational institutions 2012

Kinodvor included in their year Katalog also two films with Adamič music – Vesna from 1953 and Na svidenje v naslednji vojni from 1980.

The digitalization of documentary films, made by Bojan Adamič

The digitalization includes films by Bojan Adamič, which he took while traveling on his trips worldwide as well as on many festivals. Project collaboration started with Studio MEG.

Slovenska popevka and Bojan Adamič

Mr. Vladimir Frantar in his article Slovenska popevka Mojce Menart on September 9, 2012 in newspaper Dnevnik emphasized Adamič influence in Slovene music. Therefore he recommended to Založba kaset in plošč, RTV Slovenija to publish at least two sided CD with Adamič music on the occasion of his 100th anniversary.

You are kindly invited to our Facebook page, where photos from events are being posted.

Summary of July and August activities within the project on Bojan Adamič 100th anniversary

14. 9. 2012

The Bojan Adamič anniversary in his birth place Ribnica on August 9, 2012

Mayor of Ribnica, Mr. Jože Levstek, Mrs. Alenka Pahulje from Javni sklad za kulturne dejavnosti and family Adamič held a press conference on Adamič 100 birthday and later on all together put flowers to Adamič birth house on Kolodvorska street 5. This event was reported in Ribnica magazine Rešeto.

The opening of the film retrospective with Bojan Adamič music in the Museum of Slovene film actors in Divača, August 10, 2012

Retrospective of 47 films started in Divača with film Vesna and will continue later on in September in Ljubljana. At the opening, mayor of Divaca Mr. Drago Božac was present. Slovene violin player Alenka Maier-Popov accompanied with piano by Vlasta Doležal-Rus, played Adamič composition Pomlad and part of the music from film Vesna. Her violin dates from 1720 and is the same one, as the original music for film Vesna has been recorded in 1953 by violinist Ali Dermelj.

To this opening, the president of Slovenia, Mr. Danilo Türk was also invited. They were all very pleased, but later on, due to his other commitment, had to cancel his presence.

The concert by Mladinski pihalni orkester Zveze slovenskih godb in the frame of Musica creativa in Slovene philharmony on August 23, 2012 and on Tito square in Koper on August 26, 2012

Mladinski pihalni orkester Zveze slovenskih godb (The youth brass orhestra), conducted by Netherlands conductor Jan Cober, played Adamič composition Suita za pihalni orkester.

Publication of CD by Anton Zupan with Adamič composition

Slovene clarinet player Anton Zupan included Adamič composition Tinkarin rojstni dan in his new CD.

Photo book about the Project on 100th anniversary

Family Adamič contributed the photo book, covering events and activities within the first half year of the project.

Handing over the legacy of Bojan Adamič to Slovenska Kinoteka and National university library

Alenka Adamič handed materials with Adamič film background to Mrs. Metka Dariš from Slovenska kinoteka and personal correspondences together with contracts, photos to National university library in Ljubljana, where already a few hounded Adamič music scores are being held.

Project information has been announced

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