The project on Adamič’s 100th anniversary

Many different events took place during 2012 year within the project on Adamič 100th anniversary.

  1. Field of music
  2. Film Music
  3. Exhibition and notation publications, CDs, photographic monograph
  4. Education
  5. Archiving
  6. Cooperation with various institutions and groups of musicians


Field of music

Music for brass

Zveza slovenskih godb (The Association of Slovenian Brass Bands), in cooperation with Javni sklad RS za kulturne dejavnosti (the Public Funds of the Republic of Slovenia for culture-related activities) and Zveza društev Maribor (The Maribor Association of Societies), declared the year 2012 as the Bojan Adamič Year.

On May 26 2010, Zveza slovenskih godb appointed an organizing committee for the Bojan Adamič Year 2012, with Ervin Hartman as chairman and members: Alenka Adamič, Igor Teršar, Matic Varl, Franci Pivec, Daniel Leskovic, Tone Urbas and Domen Prezelj. The committee has made a draft of a project which was also performed within the project European Capital of Culture – Maribor 2012 as follows:

  • The Bojan Adamič Spring of 2012

    All brass orchestras were invited to play at least one musical piece by Bojan Adamič at their public performances in the first half of 2012 play. All the participants were presented on the website and in a special leaflet published within the framework of the Adamič Spring. The Zveza slovenskih godb provided a special promotion poster with the image of Bojan Adamič, which was posted up at their concerts and stimulated orchestras to include into their possible new CDs one or more pieces by Adamič or exclusively his music.

  • Brass Orchestra Day

    The Brass Orchestra Day took place on October 27 and 28 2012 in the Univerzitetna knjižnica Maribor (UKM) and in the Union hall, both in Maribor. It included a symposium on the life of Bojan Adamič, an exhibition, a concert of brass orchestras, gala concert and ceremonial meeting of the presiding board of the Zveza slovenskih godb.

    Members of the intenational group CISM Silver Club attended events of the Brass Orchestra day.

    October 27 2012

    The Academy of Music of Ljubljana organized an international symposium at the Univerzitetna knjižnica (University Library of) Maribor; the papers were published in the symposium proceedings. In addition, students at respective schools were stimulated to investigate in their seminary and diploma works themes on the life and work of Bojan Adamič, such as: music for festivals, jazz, musical broadcasts for the young Veseli tobogan, music for brass, film music, partisan songs, chansons, musical, choral and folk music and the like.

    During the break, there were two openings:

    • Photographic Exhibition of carnival masks, entitled The Sound of the Mask: photographic masterpieces of Bojan Adamič. The exhibition, organized and staged by the Pokrajinski muzej Ptuj in 2003, was already on tour in Slovenia and abroad.

    • Exhibition of notation publications, audio recordings and documents of Bojan Adamič.

    In the evening, gala concert took place in Union Hall in Maribor; the Slovenian Army orchestra performed the first part of the concert evening (program: B. Adamič, Requiem) and the Slovenian Police orchestra performed the second part (program: other works by Adamič, some of which have not been performed yet). Conductor to both the orchestra: Milivoj Šurbek.

    October 28 2012

    In the morning, a ceremonial meeting of the ZSG took place to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Bojan Adamič.

    At 10:00 and 16:00 the Concert Day of brass orchestras was be held at Union Hall in Maribor.

Slovene musical days

Bojan Adamič – compliments to maestro

The common concert in Ljubljana on March 12 2012 was organized by Radio and TV Slovenia, Festival Ljubljana and Cankarjev dom. On this opening concert of Slovene musical days, Adamič music was played by Big band RTV Slovenija and Symphonic orchestra of RTV Slovenija.


Under the lead of Vita Mavrič and Café Teater, an international evening of chansons, La vie en Rose, took place at Cankarjev Dom hall in Ljubljana on June 4 2012. It was dedicated to Bojan Adamič, the initiator of chanson production in Slovenia and the conceptual leader of the festival of chansons at Rogaška Slatina.


Radio music broadcast Nedeljski glasbeni portret was dedicated to Adamič jazz music creation. It took place on March 11 2012 at 20.00 on the 3. program of Radio Slovenia.

Concert with mountain songs

Tourist association Šmarna gora dedicated 29. Mountain song concert to Bojan Adamič’s music. It took place on May 11, 2012 at 5.p.m on Šmarna Gora, the hill near Ljubljana. Famous Slovenian singer Alenka Godec sang a few songs and the concert performance also included music by brass orchestra and kids and adult choirs.

Marionette shows

On January 17 2012, the marionette theatre Lutkovno gledališče Ljubljana, prepared the gala performance of the piece Žogica Marogica, which was dedicated to 100. anniversary of the birth of Bojan Adamič.


Film music

Film retrospective at Slovenska Kinoteka

Bojan Adamič composed music for more than 220 Slovenian and foreign films. Considering the exceptional significance of his film-related activities the Slovenska Kinoteka prepared a comprehensive retrospective of films for which he wrote the music. This was the central event of September 2012. In addition, the regular June number of Kinotečnik, the monthly program of Kinoteka’s events, was also be dedicated to Bojan Adamič and his work for film.

As the introductory event to the retrospective, a special projection ‘under the stars’ was organized at Divača in the new open-air cinema of the Museum of Slovenian movie actors on August 10, one day later as the day of Bojan Adamič’s birth.


Exhibition and of notation publications, CDs, monograph on photography

Exhibition of notation publications, audio recordings and documents of Bojan Adamič

The opening of the exhibition was on March 12 2012 at Narodna in univerzitetna knjižnica (National and University Library in Ljubljana), and the re-opening on 27 October 2012 in Maribor.

New notation publications and CDs

  • Zveza slovenskih godb (The Association of Slovenian Brass Bands), published a luxury edition of Requiem, music for brass orchestras, which has been presented at festive session of the Association in Maribor on October 28, 2012.

  • Društvo slovenskih skladateljev (The Association of Slovenian Composers) republished the CD Bojan Adamič – Iz simfoničnega opusa (Bojan Adamič – from his symphonic oeuvre) with 12 compositions and the Ljubljana piano concert. They also prepared the notation publication Prelepa si bela Ljubljana (You are gorgeous, beautiful Ljubljana) with 15 popular songs by Bojan Adamič—in cooperation with the editor Tomaž Habe. Both musical issuings have been presented within the International scientific symposium on Bojan Adamič life and work in Maribor on October 27, 2012

  • In December 2012, Založba kaset in plošč RTV Slovenija (Publisher for cassettes and plates RTV Slovenia) has published the CD, titled Mojster za vse čase (Master for all times) with 22 Adamič compositions, which have been recorded in RTV Slovenia studio between 1958 and 2012.

  • Založba Hartman d.o.o. published edition for brass orchestra Z omejeno brzino.

The monograph Zven maske (The Sound of the Mask)

A reprint is planned of the monograph Zven maske: fotografske mojstrovine Bojana Adamiča (The Sound of the Mask: photographic masterpieces of Bojan Adamič).

Photographic Exhibition of carnival masks, entitled “The Sound of the Mask: photographic masterpieces of Bojan Adamič”

Hosted exhibition by the Pokrajinski muzej Ptuj Ormož, 2003

The opening of the exhibition was on February 15 at Emporium in BTC Ljubljana and on October 27 2012 at University Library of Maribor.



Bojan Adamič at music lessons in Primary schools

During 2012 teachers assigned one or two lessons to life, work and music by Bojan Adamič. They familiarized pupils with his rich music heritage. Therefore different events and concerts were planned in schools, where pupils performed his work.



Archiving of notation publications, newspaper clippings and other documents of Bojan Adamič

Since 1996, the Narodna in univerzitetna knjižnica Ljubljana (National and University Library Ljubljana (NUK)) have systematically collected, stored and kept records of numerous scores of Bojan Adamič. Almost the complete film oeuvre of Bojan Adamič is also kept there, which is evident from the Cobiss catalogue. Newspapers clippings are collected too, in order to make them accessible to all who are interested in the life and work of Bojan Adamič. Part of this legacy was also on show at both exhibitions of notation publications, audio recordings and documents on March 12 2012 at the NUK and on October 27 2012 at the Univerzitetna knjižnica Maribor.


Cooperation with various institutions and groups of musicians

Music schools

Conservatory for music and ballet in Ljubljana (Konservatorij za glasbo in balet Ljubljana), dedicated the concert on February 16 2012 to the 100. anniversary of the composer Bojan Adamič. Young musicians from 1st to 8th grade played 18 compositions by Bojan Adamič — popular songs, film music, classical music, music for brass orchestras and even one Partisan song. The concert has been prepared by professors Jože Kregar in Igor Matkovič.

Brass orchestra from Music school Ormož (Pihalni orkester Glasbene šole Ormož), had a concert for the New year on December 28 2012 in Ormož. They played some of the Adamič music, the concert being part of the Adamič Spring project.

Conservatory for music and ballet Ljubljana

Young musicians, students from 1st to 7th grade, played together with the Quartet of clarinets, Jazz band and Brass orchestra Adamič music on their concert on February 16 2012. They dedicated this performance to Adamič 100 anniversary. The concert was organized and led by Mr. Jože Kregar.

The Slovene Philharmonic String Chamber Orchestra

The Slovene Philharmonic String Chamber Orchestra dedicated their concert on February 21 2012 in the National Gallery Ljubljana to the 100 anniversary of the Adamič birth. The title of the concert was Sozvočje svetov XI Resno in lahkotno.