News and events

Summary of January activities within the project at 100. anniversary of Bojan Adamič

11. 2. 2012

Two concerts took place in Adamic spring project:
They played two Adamič songs: Fičfirič and Galop za tri trobente on the concert of brass band Bohinj on January 7, 2012. They had two Adamič songs: Galop za tri trobente and Tra ta ta on the program of the concert by KD Godba Zgornje Savinjske doline on 28.1. 2012.

Marionette show at Ljubljana Puppet theater was dedicated to the composer Bojan Adamič on 17.1. 2012.

Project information has been announced on the websites of the two main Slovenian newspapers, Delo and Dnevnik and on the government communication office website. News were also in Ljubljanske novice and in the journal Obrazi.
Alenka Adamič, daughter of Bojan Adamič, presented the project in a short interview on radio in the cultural program ARS on 7.1. 2012.

The arrangement of the TV broadcast Osmi dan took place at the National and University library Ljubljana on January 24, 2012. It will be broadcasted on February 9 at 23.00 on TVS1.

Two new events have been added to the project:

Mountain songs on Šmarna gora, where they will dedicate the event on 11.5. 2012 to Bojan Adamič, singing and playing his songs.

Photographic Exhibition of carnival masks, entitled “The Sound of the Mask: photographic masterpieces of Bojan Adamič”, hosted by the Pokrajinski muzej Ptuj Ormož, 2003. The opening of the exhibition will be on 15 February at Emporium in BTC Ljubljana and on 27 October 2012 at University Library of Maribor. Smaller amount of photos will be part of the exhibition at the National and University Library Ljubljana at the exhibition of notation publications, starting on March 12, 2012.

Project is also on Facebook.