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Summary of the March activities within the project of Bojan Adamič 100. anniversary

25. 4. 2012

Dialogues, March 8, 2012

In Konzorcij in Ljubljana there has been an interesting discussion about Adamic work and life with the following invited guests – conductors Mr. Milivoj Šurbek in Mr. Žare Prinčič and musicologist Mr. Domen Prezelj. The discussion was led by Mrs.Veronika Brvar.

Broadcast “Nedeljski glasbeni portret” on 3rd program Radio Slovenia, March 11, 2012

Very interesting radio broadcast was completely dedicated to jazz creation of master Adamič.

Exhibition of notation publications, audio recordings and documents of Bojan Adamič “Metla za mojstra (A broom for a master)”, NUK from March 12 till May 3, 2012

The life and music of master Bojan Adamič is shown at the exhibition, with a reflection of the composer’s artistic activity. There is also a display of the most important events, that were turning points of his life, accompanied with musical manuscripts, printed material and sound recordings, preserved at the national and University Library in Ljubljana.
At the exibition opening, led by Mrs. Miša Molk, Miss. Anika Horvat was singing. Talks were by Mr. Urban Koder and headmaster of NUK, Mrs. Mateja Komel Snoj. Adamic composition Tra-ta-ta was played by Brass orchestra Idrija.

Informative materials are available only in Slovene: “Metla za mojstra” (.pdf)

Also Adamič photographs of Shrovetide masks are there. During the opening, wine with the name “Musical sounds (Godbeni zvoki)”, a special white vine for 100th anniversary of the birth of Bojan Adamič, was served.

Concert “Bojan Adamič – poklon mojstru (Bojan Adamič – A Tribute to the Master)”, Cankarjev dom, March 12, 2012

Concert was organized in the co-production of RTV Slovenia, Festival Ljubljana and Cankarjev dom and received very good media coverage.

“The evening long concert of Bojan Adamič works has revealed the master’s extraordinary broad filed of activity and creativity. The selection of works has been woven into six program sections, as a metaphor or symbol for Adamič six decades of musical creativity. Among Slovenian musicians there are hardly any who can match his creative and performance work, and a few who measure up to his artistic personality. Adamič’s deeds and music remain alive.”

— Domen Prezelj

Project information has been announced

Project has been announced in various numerous interviews in newspapers, magazines, as well as on Radio and TV.

There were two additions to the project

  • Concert with video and music performances within Marko Brecelj’s project Brecljevanje, where the artist has dedicated his concert To Master, because he found me on April 22, 2012, to Bojan Adamič.

  • Catalogue of music, composed by Bojan Adamič, has been added to the project (catalogue is still being implemented and will soon be also in English).

Project is also on Facebook.