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Summary of December activities within the project on Bojan Adamič 100th anniversary and wider

17. 1. 2013

Interview with Bojan Adamič about musical Sneguljčica (Snow White)

An interesting interview with the composer about the preparation for the first musical in Slovenia – Sneguljčica has been uploaded to the website. It includes short videos, dating from 1993 in Križanke, Ljubljana

Exhibition “Broom for the master”, Library Šiška

The exhibition Broom for the master took place in Library Šiška during December. In autumn and winter 2012, this exhibition has already been at different libraries around Ljubljana.

The recording of the March concert was on TV Slovenia, 9. 12. 2012

On TV Slovenia, there was, for the second time, the recording of the concert from March 12, 2012, dedicated to Adamič.

Concert “Waiting for Christmas” on Sveta Ana in Slovenske gorice, 15. 12. 2012

The concert on 15. 12. 2012 was dedicated to 100. anniversary of Bojan Adamič and was an extraordinary homage to Adamič life and work.

Concert by Brass orchestra Idrija, the oldest brass wind band in Europe (348 years) in Idrija, 15. and 16. 12. 2012

The New year concert was dedicated also to Bojan Adamič. They played some of his film music and brass compositions as well as sang a few Adamič song hits.

Festive concert at 110 years of Slovene railways brass orchestra, 18. 12. 2012 in Ljubljana

Brass orchestra dedicated on their New Year Festive concert many compositions to Adamič for his 100th anniversary: Tra-ta-ta, Galop za tri tobente, III. stavek Suite za klarinet, Neresen valček, Polka and Rezervistova uspavanka iz Suite za pihalni orkester and Cik-cak za ksilofon

New Year Concert by Brass orchestra Vodice, 21. 12. 2012

Brass orchestra dedicated their last composition Tra ta ta to Adamič 100 anniversary.

New Year Concert by Brass orchestra Lesce, 26. 12. 2012

Brass Orchestra dedicated Adamič composition Tra ta ta to his 100 anniversary. His daughter Alenka Adamič gave over to the orchestra president the acknowledgement of the Slovenian Brass Association.

Christmas – New Year concert by Brass orchestra Koper, 26. 12. 2012 in Koper

Brass orchestra Koper included in their very nice program also two Adamič compositions, which the dedicated to his 100. anniversary.

Concert “With Adamič music to 2013” by Brass orchestra Ormož, 28. 12. 2012

In the Sport Hall Hardek, Ormož there was a very nice concert, dedicated to Adamič 100 anniversary on 28. 12. 2012.

Presentation of the new CD with Bojan Adamič music

Založba kaset in plošč RTV Slovenija (Publisher for cassettes and plates RTV Slovenia) has published the CD, titled Mojster za vse čase (Master for all times) with 22 Adamič compositions. The presentation of the new CD was on Radio Slovenia 1 on December 30, 2012.

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