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Summary of September activities within the project on Bojan Adamič 100th anniversary

4. 10. 2012

The Bojan Adamič film retrospective and the exhibition in Slovenska Kinoteka finished

The retrospective with all together 44 films, for which Adamič wrote music, together with interesting exhibition of Bojan Adamič as a film music composer, ended on September 28, 2012.

OrkesterkamP symphony concert in Bovec on September 1, 2012

OrkesterkamP symphony, conducted by M. Brežnik played Adamič composition Čez tri gore within the final evening of the international music festival in Bovec.

“Metla za mojstra” exhibition in Mestna knjižnica Ljubljana from September 5 till October 3, 2012

Mestna knjižnica Ljubljana (Ljubljana city Library Glinškova ploščad) is hosting the exhibition on Adamič work and life, entitled Metla za mojstra.

6th Festival of veteran brass orchestras in Maribor on September 28, 2012

KD Godba ljubljanskih veteranov (Veteran brass orchestra Ljubljana) played Adamič composition Prelepa si bela Ljubljana, followed by music piece dedicated to Adamič, the author of which is Tomaž Grital and the title Mojster Bojan – venček skladb Bojana Adamiča.

The catalog of films for educational institutions 2012

Kinodvor included in their year Katalog also two films with Adamič music – Vesna from 1953 and Na svidenje v naslednji vojni from 1980.

The digitalization of documentary films, made by Bojan Adamič

The digitalization includes films by Bojan Adamič, which he took while traveling on his trips worldwide as well as on many festivals. Project collaboration started with Studio MEG.

Slovenska popevka and Bojan Adamič

Mr. Vladimir Frantar in his article Slovenska popevka Mojce Menart on September 9, 2012 in newspaper Dnevnik emphasized Adamič influence in Slovene music. Therefore he recommended to Založba kaset in plošč, RTV Slovenija to publish at least two sided CD with Adamič music on the occasion of his 100th anniversary.

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